If you are using WordPress on a praxMatrix managed website that runs WordPress (this does not apply to praxLearn™ site clients or self-managed sites) it is important for you to read the contents of this information post to understand how praxMatrix is managing the transition for your site.
WordPress has announced that the release of WordPress 5.0 has been scheduled for 06 December 2018 which is earlier than the expected release date.
WordPress 5.0 is a major update and you should note the following:
  • it contains a completely new and far more visual editing system – Gutenburg – if you are not familiar with this way of editing then you will need to become familiar with it in the future. Our last newsletter covered the new editor.
  • It contains new and improved security features
  • It contains new features for improved mobile responsiveness
  • Plugins and themes that you currently use may not be optimised for the new upgrade. They will need to be checked before any upgrade is applied.
Please note that we will NOT be upgrading WordPress on your site automatically and you will need to email the praxMatrix Support Desk or lodge a new ticket when you feel you are ready to upgrade to the new version.
However, we recommend waiting until the new year as a release of this magnitude is often accompanied by teething problems which will be picked up by the first wave of sites installing the upgrade. Some of these have already been flagged – see this article: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/wordpress-5-released/281167/
Our advice is that you read up on the major changes to WordPress in preparation for the upgrade, especially in terms of the new editor and do not request an upgrade until you and your team are confident that you understand the new versions features, how they effect plugins and how to use the new editor.
  • You can try out a version of Gutenburg online at https://testgutenberg.com/
  • If you want more information about the new version:
    • https://wordpress.org/gutenberg/
    • https://www.wpglobalsupport.com/wordpress-5-0/
You are not obliged to upgrade your WP version but it is best practice to keep your version up to date and bring them online relatively quickly after the release and the  initial post-release issues have been resolved
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