Award Leader Short Video Series: 1

Video 1 in the Award Leader Series that answers many of the questions asked by aspiring Award Leaders of the International Award for Young People. Rob Oliphant, Regional Programme Manager, Asia Pacific, talks about the challenges and rewards of being an Award Leader. Filmed in Bali, Indonesia during the November 2011 Award Leader Training. Filmed Read more about Award Leader Short Video Series: 1[…]

6th Pan-Commonwealth Forum on Open Learning

Tony Hughes, praxMatrix CEO, presenting our online development project for the International Award Association at the 6th Pan-Commonwealth Forum on Open Learning in Kochin, India. The project is a global online training platform to train IAA Award leaders. It’s an ambitious project and has to satisfy a wide range of criteria including language localization, cross-platform Read more about 6th Pan-Commonwealth Forum on Open Learning[…]

Education & Creativity

Fostering, recognizing and encouraging creativity is a theme that nearly every digital media expert recognises as being central to a discussion on how we successfully steer our way into the future. One of the most inspiring voices on creativity is Sir Ken Robinson. Robinson challenges the way we’re educating our children and champions a radical Read more about Education & Creativity[…]

Online Learning Boom in Korea

We’ve known for some time that the take-up of  the Internet in Asia is accelerating faster than in nearly any other region. But within that there are some surprisingly rapid growth curves for online learning. Australian educational organisations and suppliers should be looking at these figures and thinking about how they can develop successful digital Read more about Online Learning Boom in Korea[…]