course & certificate verification

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includes 1 years verification module license + site installation and testing


offer expires 01 January 2021

€250  €200 ($245 USD / £180 GBP) for the first year including site installation and testing. €80 ($95 USD / £75 GBP) per year thereafter.

Now you can quickly and easily verify a student’s course results by simply looking up their unique completion ID code.

The code is generated when a certificate is issued and appears on the certificate and in your reporting module. 

Here are some of the main advantages to using the ID verification system:

  1. Verifying a student’s results is quick and easy: Add the completion ID to a simple one line form, submit and get the verified results for that student.
  2. External verifiers can access and verify a student’s results at your discretion (you can provide access levels for the verification page) – no need to make them site admins.
  3. Generated codes can be set to expire after a certain time if re-validation is required for a course
  4. The student can provide the unique completion ID to external third parties for them to use the verification system (if you provide front-end public access)
  5. The ID and a QR code (optional)  are placed on the certificate of completion (see sample below)

Here is a sample certificate showing the certificate ID. The ID can be provided to a verifier by the student or be accessible via your reporting module.

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