Understanding Online Learning Content Development: The Cycle

In the last post I looked at where small to medium sized organisations tackling the development of online courses can run into problems when selecting the development team from amongst relatively inexperienced staff members who don’t always have the skills or time required to complete the development tasks. In this post I want to quickly[…]

Understanding Online Learning Content Development: The Team

This post concerns small to medium sized organisations who have limited or no understanding of online learning content development but are in the process of creating their own courses based around in-house subject matter expertise and using an LMS (Learning Management System) that, while being transparent to use and feature rich, doesn’t magically turn subject[…]

Leading horses, the Emperor’s clothes, and rusting Ferraris: in search of good content

Everything takes time. For the past few days I’ve been trying to find a decent metaphor to introduce this post. I’ve been unable to decide between the rather obvious proverb ‘you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink‘ (or it’s even more obvious cousin ‘you can lead a man to[…]

Cut the cr**p! Development is a Joint Venture

There’s always a more or less discernable ‘zone of irritation’ for an organisation when developing online learning with a partner learning organisation. I think, after several large online learning development projects that this comes from a lack of clear understanding on the part of the contracting organisation in terms of what their real, rather than[…]

Educating With Online Video: Salman Khan

Salman Khan, the founder of the incredibly successful Khan Academy of short, low-production value/low-cost, highly effective educational videos talks about educating online and the use of engaging video produced with passion. From the TED website: Salman Khan talks about how and why he created the remarkable Khan Academy, a carefully structured series of educational videos[…]

6th Pan-Commonwealth Forum on Open Learning

Tony Hughes, praxMatrix CEO, presenting our online development project for the International Award Association at the 6th Pan-Commonwealth Forum on Open Learning in Kochin, India. The project is a global online training platform to train IAA Award leaders. It’s an ambitious project and has to satisfy a wide range of criteria including language localization, cross-platform[…]

Macrowikinomics and PCF6

I’m currently in Cochin, India for the Sixth Pan-Commonwealth Forum on Open Learning. The theme of the conference is ‘Access and Success in Learning: Global Development Perspectives‘. I’m here with a contingent from the International Award Association for whom praxMatrix is developing an Online Award Leader Training platform for the Asia Pacific region in conjunction[…]

Learning, Gen Y and Z

During the recent International Award Association’s Regional Training Workshop in Korea Michael McDonald (author and Gen Y researcher) and Tony Hughes (CEO of praxMatrix) were guest speakers. This is part of a taped conversation between Michael and Tony where they discuss the characteristics of Gen Y/Z and the particular learning strategies that can be used[…]

Korea IAA Workshop 2

Two hour presentation and workshop completed! It was good fun. Fortunately, there’s been great continuity between presenters and my presentation centreing around new approaches to learning and why these have informed the design of the online learning platform we are developing for IAA  was able to draw a lot of good research from previous speakers.[…]

Korea IAA Workshop

The conference/workshop started with a tour of Seoul and an evening drinking the local Saki type fuel called Soju with 3 of the IAA staffers  – clear, inoffensive tasting but with the power to finally catch up with you and make new acquaintances seem like very old friends. Good fun. Today Michael McQueen gave his[…]