Cut the cr**p! Development is a Joint Venture

There’s always a more or less discernable ‘zone of irritation’ for an organisation when developing online learning with a partner learning organisation. I think, after several large online learning development projects that this comes from a lack of clear understanding on the part of the contracting organisation in terms of what their real, rather than Read more about Cut the cr**p! Development is a Joint Venture[…]

2012 Media and Tech Learning Trends

On January 24-26, 2012,  one hundred  distinguished thought leaders from  all over  the  world  were invited to come together in Austin to mark the tenth anniversary of the NMC Horizon Project with a very special convocation and retreat. During the retreat they identified a number of ‘mega trends’ that will effect learning and the way we work Read more about 2012 Media and Tech Learning Trends[…]

iPad and Education

The iPad is about to hit Australia amidst a lot of hype, expectations and excitement. This latest release from Apple’s  stable of beautifully designed and balanced  products (the nec plus ultra of  form meeting function)  is already having an incredible impact on publishing and education. In the USA, three universities are already preparing to hand Read more about iPad and Education[…]

Living in a Digital World

Following my recent posting on how the digital world may be a genie with a capacity for tremendous benefit whilst harbouring the potential to create significant social problems I was fascinated by the following video. Well worth the hour or so you will need to watch it. It shows just how embedded digital media and Read more about Living in a Digital World[…]

Socially Unsocial Networks?

Parents despairing loudly about the amount of time their teenage kids spend using social networks such as MSN and Facebook are more the norm than the exception but it’s rare to hear a 22 year-old, tech-savvy, hip-hop performer slamming his own generation’s anti-social use of technology. In a recent SMH article Nick Bryant-Smith, a Sydney Read more about Socially Unsocial Networks?[…]

Keeping up with the Kids

The George Lucas Educational Foundation has a great Digital Generation Project running through its website EduTopia.  Anyone who has an interest in digital media, especially educators involved in the development of  online learning, wants to know how the next generation of digital media users is approaching both the technology and the distribution and design of Read more about Keeping up with the Kids[…]