Cut the cr**p! Development is a Joint Venture

There’s always a more or less discernable ‘zone of irritation’ for an organisation when developing online learning with a partner learning organisation. I think, after several large online learning development projects that this comes from a lack of clear understanding on the part of the contracting organisation in terms of what their real, rather than Read more about Cut the cr**p! Development is a Joint Venture[…]

How to escape education’s death valley

Ken Robinson: How to escape education’s death valley Some time ago I wrote a couple of  posts around Ken Robinson’s approach and perspective on education, training and creativity. Recently, probably due more to my own work with client projects than any measurable trend in the education sector, that thinking has started to ‘devolve’ again toward Read more about How to escape education’s death valley[…]

The Science of Boredom

Boredom … don’t we all remember at least one teacher who had mastered the art of Boring Students. This video from neurologist Judy Willis started with her realising that teachers were reporting more and more cases of kids who had ‘learning’ disorders or ATD etc and, when she took a closer look it turned out Read more about The Science of Boredom[…]

Facebook is Dead? Re-examining Social Media Assumptions

Although the jury still seems to be out on whether or not younger generations of Facebook users are abandoning the social media behemoth there are many studies that indicate that this key group of social media participants is swinging toward other services such as SnapChat. See this article here The percentage of teenagers using Twitter  overtook Read more about Facebook is Dead? Re-examining Social Media Assumptions[…]

Australia’s Digital Future

A new report just published on Australia’s digital future to 2050. A lot of it is ‘predictable’ prediction but there are some points raised that highlight Australia’s future need to shift it’s economic focus from the export of mineral resources to the export of service resources such as education and training and tourism. The full Read more about Australia’s Digital Future[…]

Macrowikinomics and PCF6

I’m currently in Cochin, India for the Sixth Pan-Commonwealth Forum on Open Learning. The theme of the conference is ‘Access and Success in Learning: Global Development Perspectives‘. I’m here with a contingent from the International Award Association for whom praxMatrix is developing an Online Award Leader Training platform for the Asia Pacific region in conjunction Read more about Macrowikinomics and PCF6[…]

Engaged Brains and the Internet

I seem to be veering toward a Luddite’s perception of the Internet over the past few posts given their focus on some new and perhaps negative insights into either Facebook usage or Google searching. It’s a positive ‘veer’ though – I think it is clear that the glut of information that we now have washing Read more about Engaged Brains and the Internet[…]

iPad and Education

The iPad is about to hit Australia amidst a lot of hype, expectations and excitement. This latest release from Apple’s  stable of beautifully designed and balanced  products (the nec plus ultra of  form meeting function)  is already having an incredible impact on publishing and education. In the USA, three universities are already preparing to hand Read more about iPad and Education[…]